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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Design PI controller Using Matlab

PI controller Using Matlab

Proportional Integral (PI) Control

A variety of Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control is to utilize just the corresponding and essential terms as PI control. The PI regulator is the most well-known variety, significantly more than full PID regulators.

The Proportional-Integral (PI) calculation processes and communicates a regulator yield signal each sample time, T, to the last control component (e.g., valve, variable speed siphon).

PI regulators have two tuning boundaries to alter. While this makes them more testing to tune than a P-Only regulator, they are not as unpredictable as the three boundary PID regulator.

Vital activity empowers PI regulators to dispense with counterbalance, a significant shortcoming of a P-just regulator. In this way, PI regulators give an equalization of multifaceted nature and capacity that makes them by a long shot the most broadly utilized calculation in measure control applications.

For givern system the closed loop transfer function with a PI control is

KP = Proportional gain,  KI = Integral gain


A system to be controlled.


Provides excitation for the plant; Designed to control the overall system behavior.


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Matlab Code / Program-

The design of PID controller using matlab follow some steps


Ø open the editor window in matlab (shortcut key CTRL+N)

Ø write down the following matlab code in editor window 

clc ;

clear all ;

close all ;

num = 1;

den = [1 10 20];





title('Step responce of Plant')

% % PI controller

kp = 280 ;

ki = 50 ;

t = 0:0.01:2 ;

cont = tf([kp ki],[1 0]);

sys = feedback(cont*plant,1)




title ( ' PI Controller ' )

After complete write code then save the code and run 

for run press F5 key and output show in command window


plant =



  s^2 + 10 s + 20

Continuous-time transfer function.

sys =

         280 s + 50


  s^3 + 10 s^2 + 300 s + 50

Continuous-time transfer function.

Step response of plant

Step response of PI Controller

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