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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Matlab Code for Designing of Non-Inverting Amplifier

Non-Inverting Amplifier Using Matlab

Non-Inverting Amplifier

In matlab simulink we can design the non-inverting amplifier easily but if we want to design by MATLAB Program then need non inverting amplifier transfer. here we discuss only how to design  non-inverting amplifier.

so firstly know about the non-inverting amplifier then derive the transfer function then coding in matlab and analysis - 

The non-inverting amplifier is one in which the system yield is in phase with concerning to the amplifier input.

The yield is a non-Inverted improved kind of input response. 

The input response is now applied at the non-inverting input response.

The gain of the non-inverting amplifier system for the op-amp is anything but difficult to decide.

The count pivots around the way that the voltage at the two inputs sources is the equivalent.

This emerges from the way that the gain of the amplifier is extremely high. On the off chance that the yield of the system remains within the supply rails of the amplifier, then the yield voltage divided by the gain.


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The voltage gain can be calculated by applying KCL at the inverting node.

Voltage gain (A) = Vout / Vin = (1+ RRin)

Matlab Code / Program -


The Design Non-Inverting Amplifier Using Matlab follow some steps - 


Ø open the editor window in matlab (shortcut key CTRL+N)

Ø write down the following matlab code in editor window 

clc ;

clear ;

close all ;

a0 = 1e5 ;

w1 = 1e4 ;

w2 = 1e6 ;

s = tf('s') ;

a = a0/(1+s/w1)/(1+s/w2)

figure ,

h = bodeplot(a,'r') ;

title(' Normalized Open-Loop Step Response ') ;

ylabel(' Normalized Amplitude ') ;


A0 = 10 ;

b = 1 / A0 ;         % approximation for ab > > 1

R1 = 10000 ;

R2 = R1*(1/b-1) ;

A = feedback(a,b) ;

figure ,

bode( a ,' r ' , A , ' b ' ) ;


After complete write code then save the code and run 

for run press F5 key and output show in command window

Output Result-

a =



  s^2 + 1.01e06 s + 1e10

Continuous-time transfer function.

fig. 1 - Normalized Open-Loop Step Response

fig. 2 - Normalized close-Loop with feedback Step Response

the figure 1 show the Step Response of the Normalized Open-Loop system (non aplifier) and figure 2 show the Step Response of the Normalized close-Loop with feedback

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